Central Heating

Central heating

From boiler swaps to full installations we can design & install any type of gas or electric heating system to suit your needs.

You may require a simple combination boiler swap or a more complicated conversion. Whatever your heating needs we will spend time with you to find out your requirements & then design a system to suit your budget. In these times of rising energy bills there are many energy saving devices on the market that we can advise you upon. Powerflushing & magnetic filters are explained in more depth here, or it may be a case of merely adding a room thermostat or weather compensator to your existing heating system. You may require a conventional or unvented Y or S plan system, if so we work with NICEIC approved electrical contractors to install the most efficient system possible. If you do not see the service that you require listed below, please contact us. for more information.

Combination boilers

Your combination boiler may be old and beginning to cost you a lot of money in repairs and energy bills. We can install a new high efficiency condensing 'combi' whatever your budget. From the top of the range Vaillant & Baxi models to the more budget priced Baxi Main, there is a boiler on the market to suit every pocket. And HJO Plumbing & Heating have vast experience in all of them. If you have a conventional system, a 'combi' will do away with the need for the tanks in your loft and the hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard. It frees up valuable storage space and can cut down on your energy bills, as you now only pay for the hot water that you use instead of heating a large storage cylinder that will cool overnight or if you are not drawing water from it during the day.

Conventional / Traditional heating

Some people prefer to retain their hot water storage facility. That's no problem to HJO Plumbing & Heating, we are also experienced with conventional systems & can replace your old conventional boiler for a new condenser or even change it for a systems boiler that converts your system into a sealed system helping cut down on troublesome air locking issue that can arise with conventional open vented systems. Your conventional system may only have basic controls. We can provide you with full control over your system using Y or S plans that incorporate time clocks/programmers, room thermostats & 2 or 3 port zone valves.

Unvented hot water cylinders

Larger dwellings often require a greater hot water capacity to serve numerous bathrooms, an unvented cylinder is probably the answer. Usually working off a systems boiler the hot water is mains fed so therefore higher pressure than a conventional hot water system, the unvented cylinder has the edge over a 'combi' and can cope with multiple bathroom/shower installations. With storage starting from 50 litres and rising up to a massive (in domestic terms) 250 litres, choices are varied depending on the hot water requirements.

Underfloor heating

As wet underfloor heating (UFH) requires a lower water temperature than traditional radiators it is a more efficient way of heating your home. It is also a more effective heat source than radiators as it heats from floor to ceiling rather than convecting the heat straight up to the ceiling as a radiator does. Mostly new builds are being fitted with UFH but retro fitting can be done too. Although it is obviously more labour intensive most things in the building trade are achievable and HJO has experience in both solid floor and timber floor UFH. Check out pictures of both in our gallery.

Decorative radiators / Towel Warmers

HJO Plumbing & Heating are very experienced in installing decorative radiators, from simple ladder towel warmers to old style “hospital” radiators we have everything covered. You might want to free up valuable wall space that is being taken up by a long, horizontal, bulky radiator and at the same time give your room a special touch with a tall, vertical decorative radiator. We can measure up and advise you on the ideal designer radiator for your chosen room, this will ensure that it has the correct heat output as well as the perfect look.


A lot of central heating systems have 'basic' controls and are therefore less cost effective and comfortable than others. Time clocks/programmers are common, room and cylinder thermostats giving the user full control over their system are less so. We at HJO can install these alone or in tandem with 2 or 3 port valves to give complete control at the touch of a button or even better at pre programmed times to suit your everyday lifestyle. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV's) can be installed on radiators to control the temperature of each room. With traditional valves the radiator is either on or off, with a TRV users can set rooms at different temperatures depending on their preference. Weather compensation in Britain is largely unheard of as we lag behind the rest of Europe with this energy saving measure. A weather compensator works with your room thermostat and condensing boiler by keeping the return temperature of the heating to a minimum depending on the outside temperature. This helps keep the boiler condensing and therefore more efficient and cheaper to run than stand alone condensing boilers.

Electrical central heating boilers

Some area's are still not supplied with gas, or you might not have the room for a large oil storage vessel. An electric boiler could be the answer to your prayers. With numerous makes and models now on the market, the choice is greater than ever before. HJO has experience in installing AMPTEC, the market leader and original electric boiler.

Electric flow boilers are sized to efficiently meet a wide range of different needs, and can be installed singly, or as multiple units, making them suitable for properties from mobile homes up to large family houses. They can be installed with conventional radiator heating systems or for underfloor heating applications. In rented property, gas appliances must have annual maintenance checks by law. Electric flow boiler offers a low maintenance alternative.