Power Flushing

Power Flushing

Over time central heating systems build up with iron oxide & sludge is produced, this causes
your system to run less efficiently, a powerflush can clean out your system to run like new.

Is your heating system noisy? ...do you have problems with air in your radiators? ...are your radiators warm at the top but cool at the bottom? If you have any of these issues then a flush may be required to restore the heating output & efficiency of your system. As metal, air & water mix, sludge builds up inside your central heating system & iron oxide particles can damage your central heating components & radiators. It also affects the efficiency of your system & can increase your energy bills dramatically. HJO use the latest KAMCO flushing technology & high quality KAMCO flushing chemicals to help restore your heating system back to an efficient working order.


We survey your system to identify any problem areas, working out the best place to set up the high velocity pump that is contained within our Kamco Quantum C90 machine. The machine can be connected to radiator pipes, onto the systems circulating pump or up to a magnetic filter if you have one.


Once connected the flushing machine mobilises scale and sludge within the system. Top of the range Kamco chemicals are added to dislodge any stubborn build up. A separate powerful magnetic filter improves and speeds up the flushing process by collecting the iron oxide particles that are now being flushed around the system. The filter can be cleaned periodically during the flushing process.


When each radiator has been flushed in turn, the dumping process begins. The dirty water is pumped out to a drain and replenished with clean clear water until the correct ph level is achieved.


Inhibitor is added to the system to line a coating on all of the metal surfaces in your heating system, this gives protection from future oxidisation (rust). The system is now ready to be returned to normal operation.

Stage.5 (Optional extra)

Upon completion of the powerflush an optional magnetic filter
can be installed onto your system for added protection.

Adey are a leading brand in magnetic filters and where the fore runners of this relatively new technology. This filter will be installed on the return pipe of your boiler and collects any iron oxide that may be produced in the future. This can be cleaned out annually as part of any boiler service that you may wish to have carried out.